Rejoice Africa Tours as a boutique tour operating, aims to delight our client(s) with an enjoyable experience in Tanzania Africa. Our operations are unique aiming at giving luxurious quality services which will make our client(s) joyful and rejoice in the land of Africa. The Experience to be delighted on by providing customized services with great experience in hospitality. This makes us to be one of the best tour operator in East Africa.The feelings and experiences of our customer(s) are always of great pleasure, making them to remember and being wishful to be in Africa. We provide exceptional Safari experience in Serengeti through Tarangire, Mountain Kilimanjaro trekking and beach holidays in Zanzibar. In which we have ages of six days to eight days per route of full adventure to attain tourist satisfaction.


Services Offered

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Tanzania Safari

Corporate Travel

Leissure Travel

Honey Mooners Travel

Beach Holidays


Why Choose Us

In Rejoice Africa Tours, Health is our first priority to consider both for our client(s) and workers. Wholesome wellness is number one requirement for enjoyable experience. For attaining physical wellness, we always have activities for our client(s) being it simple indoor workout to outdoor biking, depending on the interest of our client. As we know the wholesome wellness includes both the physical body, soul and the spiritual wellness. At Rejoice Africa Tours, we honor to provide foods which add up value to our physical body. Also we are always motivated to share the Word of God (through Bible) as spiritual food for those who desire to be spiritual stronger. The wholesome of wellness provides awesome experience in tourism and in totality of life. We aim to do the best in services and commited to provide our clients with the best experience possible. Why should one go for tourism? “Nature heals and we should be respectful for the healing it brought to our physical.”